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Have you found your G-Spot?

I mean, your Gifted Skill, your Greatest Solution. In other words, what is THE talent that make you so unique in the eyes of others? Tough question, I might say. I was asked this question yesterday - in a training I'm doing about how to establish my business in the online environment so I can scale it - and I got really stuck. My first answer was (based on feedback I receive from my clients and students), "I make people believe they can be, and become, whatever they aim for"! (Absolutely! I take them by their hand and give them the support, systems and strategies to achieve their goals. Their results are stunning, and I'm quite proud of them, I must say.) And, the trainer said it blatantly, "that is not good enough!" 😳 >>> Let me give you a bit of background info here. We were doing an exercise about creating a tagline for our businesses. (to be honest I don't know how many times I've done similar exercises and every time there is a surprise... in other words, nothing is static... everything evolves... so should the tagline 😁 ) <<<< Then, she explained that she wanted something unique, goofy, about us, our personally (maybe a hidden secret that we were finally brave enough to reveal...) Well, the fact is... it got me stuck! And since then I've been browsing my head-drive searching for it, my uniqueness... My G-Spot! Why is it so difficult to see one's talents? Could that be a natural preservation mechanism to avoid us becoming Narcissus? He didn't contribute to humankind proliferation (nature's ultimate goal)... well, that is another story, I'm getting side tracked here. Ok again. What is my uniqueness? Do you have an answer for that? Not for mine, yours! (well, if you find me unique in something I would love to hear, you might get me unstuck 😁 ) Since then I have thought about several things I've done, and characteristics of what I am... And how I can relate them to what I have been doing for the past decade. I first thought of Communication Architect, which I've been using it already with a reason: I am an architect, and also a communicator. And I bring several concepts of architecture to my programs and trainings, such as: foundation, pillars, structure, symmetry/asymmetry, contrast, forms, weight, tension/release...etc, etc, etc... Then, I thought about music/dancing. I studied music as a child and was a Salsa Teacher when I lived in Dublin. And, I also bring the music and dancing concepts to my teachings, such as: rhythm, compass, pace, pause, tone, pitch, modulation, body connection, interaction, feelings, emotions, senses... etc, etc, etc... Lastly, my high heels 👠👠👠 which I ️ ️❤️❤️❤️ ️. When I wrote my first book, which was about one of my (favorite) areas of expertise - leadership - I had to honor them. So I gave the book the title of Leading in High Heels! Which reflects who I am. So, dear reader, here I am. With these three points that I believe I can extrapolate to something attractive for my new tagline. What do you think? (Well, I could always add that I'm a Brazilian who doesn't like sunbathing, but I don't see how to correlate it with my business... so, I'll leave this out for now ) What is your experience in this matter? What is your tagline? Have you found your G-Spot? I mean, your unique and greatest potential! 😁 If so, share it. You might give me some light. I'll keep working on mine today. Let's hope I can get out of being stuck and find something brilliant! Wishing you an awesome day.

Tulia 🌹

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