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The world is your stage! 🌹

Recently, I had a pleasant virtual early breakfast with some ladies from the net4tec community, where I gave a presentation based on the topic “It is not what you say, it is how you say it”.

This topic is my starting point every time I’m presenting to a group for the first time. 

Why? It is a good hook to catch people’s attention, and, most importantly, it says it all with regards to what we should be aware of, when talking and presenting to people.

Since the first lockdown in March, as many companies and businesses moved to the virtual environment, professionals (we) were forced to discover and learn another ways on how to make their messages effective in this "sort of new" environment.

And, one of the big challenges this new environment brings that we all have to be aware of is, "the virtual environment amplifies everything we do and say…”😳

The times of the unpolished presenter are over… Nowadays, it is crucial to be aware that when you are presenting or giving a talk in a virtual room everyone attending can see you closely and hear you clearly (unless there are some techie problems), even when you are not seeing or hearing them: tough! 😕

And now, when people are tired of a boring presentation they just shutoff their video, disappearing behind a picture, and pretending they are still listening to you from the background. Not nice, but real…😳

Tough times, tough times… 😕 Getting your message across has now several challenges added to it.

In the talk this morning I was asked questions like, “how do I engage with the audience in the virtual environment?”; “what are the best practices to come across with confidence in this virtual set when talking to senior managers?”; “how do I prepare my content in order to lead people into action?”… and many more.

If I have to answer these questions in a nutshell, I would say this:

"Your voice plays a super important role in this new environment. How you sound says a lot about how confident you are. And, a virtual presentation is not a copy and paste of a in-person presentation. The dynamics and pace are different, I would say, faster. Finally, you will need to “command” certain actions of your audience, such as asking “closed questions” (the ones that lead to Yes or No) to test and track their engagement.”

When this “new normal” started in March, as everybody else, I didn’t know where we were heading. However, one thing I could sense, and it was that the virtual environment was going to be more present in our lives. 

Saying that, I started developing an online version of my business, and I’m glad I did, because in the process I discovered that new ways of communication and engagement are required in order to succeed in this virtual environment. 

And I want to share my learnings to that respect with you, so you too can prepare yourself in this “new normal” in order to succeed in the “next normal”.

For that, I’ll be running a brand-new Free Workshop on November 12th at 7pm CET about the “3 Steps to Speak & Present with Confidence & Clarity Today!”

At The End Of This Brand New Workshop You Will...

  • Understand why people are not fully listening to you and what to do to get their attention

  • Learn what is needed to have a message which is engaging and memorable

  • Become aware of gestures and ways of speaking that can diminish your credibility and how to avoid them

  • Discover the new patterns of communication in virtual environments

This Workshop is for you if you know that you have an important message to share and…

  • Are frustrated because your presentation or talk is not received the way expected

  • Want to have a clear message so you don't stumble on your own words

  • Are not feeling confident and comfortable when presenting

  • Want to use speaking and presenting to attract more clients or accelerate your career

My support to you towards preparing yourself right now in order to succeed in the “next normal”.

Once you click the link above and register, we will continue this conversation further.

Looking forward to having you in the workshop.

To your success! 🌹

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