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The Power of Colour and Image in The New Normal

First impressions matter, we all know that. And those impressions are amplified on a screen. Therefore, you better get it right, no mercy on that.

There are several elements to consider when preparing to create such an impact in front of a camera, and colors are one of the crucial elements.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • What should our image look like in the new virtual office and does it really matter?

  • What are the best colors to use when presenting virtually? virtual space?

  • What are the best colors to use when presenting virtually?

Recently, I invited Aoife Dunican to be my guest at the Tulia's Talks & Guest show.

Aoife is an Image Consultant and owner of The Stylebob. She helps men and women globally amplify their image to empower them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In this talk, Aoife unveiled the Power of Colours in business and how to bring our presence to life through our image. Also, she expanded our understanding of how colours impact on people's psychology and emotions, and how we can use them intentionally to influence people's moods and their perception of us.

No more to say. Sharing here with you the Q&A Session after her training.

Enjoy it! 🌹

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