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"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you don't get your message across, your ideas will take you nowhere." Lee Iacocca

In a world where the attention span is constantly reducing, being able to grab the audience's attention became a serious challenge and can not be taken for granted. 

Whether one-on-one or in groups (live or online) my hands-on and systematic approach will increase your confidence and take you from your seat to speak.

One-on-One Mentoring

Tailored to tackle your needs at your own pace. 

Whether you need to craft a signature talk, prepare for a keynote, craft inspiring presentations, feel more confident in front of an audience, or increase your authority when leading teams and meetings, this one-on-one mentoring program will take you by the hand towards clear and specific goals in a predefined timeframe.



  • Presencial Training given in Barcelona regularly. And in any other city of Europe, upon request


  • Online Training given globally

In English, Spanish and Portuguese

This is your starting point for becoming an outstanding presenter and speaker. 


Set in a friendly and supportive environment my masterclasses (whether live or online) will help you to master your communication skills and increase your self-confidence, so you be assured that your message will get across every time you present, negotiate, deal with conflicts, lead meetings and teams.

A 2-Day group training packed with dynamic and hands-on exercises which will give you a ground-breaking foundation to craft effective and persuasive presentations, so you become solution oriented and have a voice where important decisions are made. 


Live Training given in Munich and Zurich - Groups
Online Training given globally

In English, Spanish and Portuguese

If you want to have a company with a trustworthy culture with teams who are motivated and deliver optimum results, your company can't afford to have employees with poor communication skills.


Communication is key to the success of your company. As an employer or leader in your company you need to make sure your employees and teams feel confident on their roles and demonstrate that by they way they present themselves in meetings, to clients, and how effectively they deal with conflicts, crisis, negotiations and leading their own teams.

And all of that falls into developing effective communication skills.


Get in touch to define a tailor-made program that will meet your employee and company's needs. 

Online Training

Live or On-demand

Whether live or on-demand, I am constantly offering webinars and online training you can attend to upon registration. 

Click the button below to get access to the training of your choice, and take the lessons at your own pace.

I'm currently running The Monthly Coach.

Every last Friday of the month I release videos with topics that answer the "burning questions" of most professional women out there.

Free of charge, no strings attached. 

Want to receive the teachings?

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