OWN Any Room With Confidence & Charisma

Give yourself (don't ask) permission to OWN your space as a professional woman.

From my decade experience as a communication coach and trainer, I believe it all starts from you having a clear picture and understanding of

👉🏽 who you are

👉🏽 where you want to go

👉🏽 what you need to get there

👉🏽 who is going to help you

Allow yourself to "claim" your own space, and what you are entitled to.

To achieve that, your perception of yourself, and others perception of you must be aligned and congruent.

In her best seller book, Lois P. Frankel, says that "Nice girls don't get the corner office", because there are several unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers.

I ask you:

✅ How do you come across when you speak, present or lead?

✅ How do you sound? Does your message land as intended to?

✅ Do you feel comfortable and confident expressing your thoughts when asked?

Let's start with those questions. The first thing I'll tell you is "stop being a girl"! Give yourself permission to move from "girlhood" to "womanhood."

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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Tulia Lopes is a sought-after professional speaker, MC (master of ceremony) and panel moderator for corporate and private events internationally.

She speaks on the topics of 

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Tulia is the founder of Speak Up & Lead Academy, the Stand Up & Speak Up Challenge, and the Speak Up Network.  She is a sought-after speaker in Europe and also organizes events to give speaking opportunities to other experts.

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