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Yes, girls love have fun, but... they want more than that!

One of the most amazing things that happen when we women do things together is that we "embrace" each other, literally, and metaphorically.

Women can bring this "comfort" to others through their stories, their messages, their experiences. 🥰

This is why it is so important that we women tap into our authentic voice and communicate our message to the world with confidence, knowing that we are giving comfort, especially in moments like now. 🥰

However, many, put themselves in the background, and under someone's shadow... Others, want to come to the foreground but don't know how, or don't find the support to do so... they don't dare to ask! 🙄

Above all, women at all ages want to be recognised for their value and contribution to whatever they commit themselves to. And gender equality is not about numbers (only) it is about being seen as a contributor, a role player, despite gender.

I recently came across a post here in LinkedIn with a letter from a 12 year old girl, Julianne Speyer, about a "sexist comment" she experienced as a Girl Scout, which upset her very much! (see the image below)

Then, as usually happens with those type of post, many people commented, some were supportive and others (men) found it an "exaggeration", that "they should ignore such comment as it is not important"… 

I don’t think so.   What do you think?

From my perspective, this comment is important and should not be ignored. It doesn’t need to be escalated, but it should be acknowledged as something inappropriate that must not be taken as "normal or unimportant".

Comments like this should be abolished from our lives.

Examples like this one confirm that we need more women speaking up to pave a different path from the younger generations. As we can see here, there is still a long way to go.

We need more women in the foreground speaking up to change the narrative, and the language, used in many professional environments when defining women and their roles. 

If you know you are one of those women and are willing to step forward to become an agent of change with your message, click here so we can have this conversation on how you too can become the Messenger who brings the support, motivation and solutions your clients and peers are looking for, especially in the current times.

Looking forward to talking to you.

Have an awesome weekend.

To your success! 

Tulia 🌹

Communication Architect, Award Winning Speaker, Author, and Founder of Speak Up & Lead Academy

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