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You are Time! ⏰

A bold, and intriguing statement given by Einstein.

I recently came across the concept of "Einstein Time Principle" in the book by Gary Hendricks, The Big Leap. As he explains, Einstein Time comes from his "Special Theory of Relativity" where time is "relative". In other words, the rate at which time passes depends on our frame of reference.

On the contrary of the Newtonian Time Paradigm (which is the one most of us live in), where there is a duality about time - the lack of it, which leads to stress, or the excess of it, which leads to boredom - Einstein Time is about "focusing our awareness on what matters and by doing so time expands".

For Einstein, "we are time"! In other words, we have the power to create time, instead of being controlled by it....

To understand and implement Einstein Time, the first step is to understand "space" in a different manner. Which means, to build time we need to "occupy more space".

A simple example to illustrate it is: when we are enjoying what we are doing "our consciousness expands (we occupy more space) and so do time, it expands, it becomes limitless, and we get a lot done".

Conversely, when we are not enjoying what we are doing, the act of moving our awareness away from the tasks at hand "contracts/solidifies" time, it feels like it slows down, the minutes feel like hours, and despite that, we don't get much done.

Simplifying it even further, to "create time we need to laser focus on, direct our energy to whatever we are doing".

It is somehow paradoxical because, the more we focus on something, the more our consciousness expands, the more space we create, the more time flows and expands....

I found it fascinating.

We are all overwhelmed with information and distractions by the second, every day. Most of us feel that "time is never enough"!

And here is why Einstein Time comes handy. If you adopt the concept that "you are time", that "you create time", you won't be overwhelmed by it anymore. It will work in your favour…

It is about focusing on what matters. It is about directing your energy to ONE task at hand.

Focusing on things is a real challenge to all of us. It requires a conscious exercise and desire to break the pattern of "falling into the rabbit hole of overwhelm". And for that we also need to create strategies and systems to put into place to break such patterns.

So, instead of falling into the rabbit hole of overwhelm, stop and…

✅ Bring yourself back to the present.

✅ Assess the situation. Decide if you need to close your eyes for a moment, or even, leave your desk, have a cup of coffee, read something else, or go out for a short break... Allow yourself, and your mind, to have a break.

✅ When you feel "rested", get back to your task and give it full attention.

Repeat as much time as needed.

Remember, "you are time". Time shouldn't control you, you should have control over it.

I promise you that it is a valuable skill to develop.🌹



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