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The mission is not money, but money enables the mission! 💰

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I know this is a sensitive topic for many women. But hey, we need to talk about it! There are a lot of limiting beliefs related to it.

Since the lockdown I have been following the speaking business market trend. 🎤

First, because I got curious when I saw three major figures in the speakers booking industry saying (each and all of them) that there is a lack of women representation in the speaking business. Secondly, because they also flagged that new opportunities were opening in the virtual world, especially for women.

And, if you read my last post you will remember the graphic I shared where it shows that currently there are three men for each women speaker. 😤

Why bother? Well, it is a number's game too. Less women speaking up, less change towards a more balanced working environment, and less impact in the decision making process of important topics in the world.

And, if that is not enough, check this out: (source: Marketdata Analysis)

"The value of the professional speaking industry will grow at a 4.1% average annual pace, reaching 2.30 billion by 2025!"

If that doesn’t make you to raise your eyebrows (the least), check your pulse! 🤨

Ok, I know, many of you will say, I'm not focused on the "money". And, I will say, "you got it wrong sis!" It is not about the money. In fact, it should never be about the money itself.

As my friend Jack Vincent wisely said, "The mission is not money, but money enables the mission!" 👏👏👏

Write this down ⬆️  and place it in front of you so you can be reminded of that daily!

Money is an exchange currency which moves this world we live in. Therefore, the more you have, the more resources you will have to exchange, and the more opportunities you will be able to create to spread your goodwill.

Money should not be the motivator. Because money alone is not enough to give you the strengths to follow your passion, your cause, your message. It is instead, the financial recognition of a job well done. So take it! Maybe I should say, demand it! 👍

And, if you are so uncomfortable with the money conversation, think about this…

"Money does not define you. It amplifies you!" 🤔

So, if you are afraid of earning, or asking for, loads of money (which is quite personal and relative), maybe the question you should be asking is: "why am I afraid of being amplified?" 🤔

One of the most common limiting beliefs about (having) money, which leads to self-sabotage, is the "fear of rejection". The fear of being rejected by the ones we care and love, once we become wealthy, and they don't. I recently met a woman who told me that she had booked a coach to help her because that was exactly her pattern. She was making multiple 6 figures with a few online businesses she had, but she never had money, because nobody around her (family, boyfriend, friends, etc) had money. So, she felt "inadequate" every time the hundreds of thousands would land on her account. So, she "burned them all" 🔥🔥🔥(metaphorically)!

The fact was, no matter how much she was able to make, she never had anything left... (thank God she decided to change the pattern by looking for help)

Why am I bringing this money conversation to you? Because, as in any other industry, women speakers are also paid less!!! Just let that sink… 😤

A couple of days ago I was interviewing an amazing lady for my podcast who is an expert in negotiation, and she specialises in "women in negotiation". I'll share the podcast with you when it is released. Every women should listen to what she says.

Honestly, there is a lot women need to know and work with regards to their mindset towards money, their ability to manage their own money, their knowledge about finances in general.

Otherwise, we will never be able to "demand and command" our fair share in the professional arena. We need to aim to "price ourselves" accordingly to the industry we are in, never less. It is our job, nobody will give that to us "just because we are so good on what we do"!

Also, consider this, the number tag you put in your service or expertise, does not define your value (we know that) but… it defines the perception of your value that others have of you.

Are you setting yourself to be seen as a "premium expert", or a "coupon expert"?

Let that sink too… 😳

How to get started?

By having a voice and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry through the message you share with the world. That will start raising your profile in the financial arena too. Having a healthy financial life will bring more joy to you, to your family and to everyone you care about.

It will allow you to expand your reach and your goodwill in the world.

I hope I have made you "positively uncomfortable" 🙂, so you can start changing your mindset towards money and welcome it to your life without any feeling of "inadequacy", or not belonging.

So, let’s get together on November 12th @ 7pm CET, via zoom, where I’ll talk about how you can avoid the common mistakes most professional women make when speaking or presenting that decrease their authority and credibility.

So you can start working on becoming an agent of change and impacting people's lives every time you deliver your message, and also command, and demand, the adequate financial compensation for sharing your expertise and wisdom.

If you haven’t done it yet, click on "3 Steps to Speak & Present with Confidence & Clarity Today!" to check the details and book your seat.

Looking forward to having you in the workshop.

To your success!  🌹


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