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We have serious questions to ask ourselves...

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

In a micro scale, we all have been receiving an ENORMOUS amount of invitations for webinars, online conferences and summits, interviews, podcasts, from everywhere. That is awesome, however, it adds to the noise which was already present in the online world. Therefore, to break through the noise to get to top quality and qualified content, IS a challenge. And challenged you asking, what are the questions we all have to ask ourselves, as professionals, before showing up out there in the online world? Did you get a chance to think about it? From my side, and experience, I can tell you the following; being online is not something secondary anymore; it is not something you can choose to be out, if you want to remain in business, attractive to the market and propel your career. And, if you are still panicking with the idea of seeing yourself in video, or still hates your voice in audio, you better get that sorted asap! Sheryl Sandberg, in her LeanIN book said, "Done is better than perfect!" You can overcome your fears of imperfection by doing what you fear, and practicing, practicing and practicing. The ancient greeks already knew it. Aristotles was clear about it when he said, "excellence is a habit". And, if after practicing a lot you still don't like your voice, there are plenty of voice coaches out there doing an amazing job. You can find help if you look for it. As for the video, and your message, I can help you. But, before getting there, let's go back to the questions we have to ask. Why do I want to be online, is not a question anymore, it is a must. So we will skip this one. There are many questions to ask in order to build a solid and sustainable online presence. To get started ask yourself: 1. Who is my audience? 2. What is their problem? 3. What is my solution to their problem? 4. What is the message I want to share? In other words, how will I pack my message to reach my audience? And, how will I serve my audience in an online, virtual, format? What are the platforms to use? What is available? What works for different purposes? There are plenty of questions to be asked. And the good news is, they all have an answer, and someone behind the answer to help. It starts with Digitization. If you haven't heard the term yet, the definition is "Digitization is the conversion of analog to digital". Yep! If we want to remain in business, and attractive to the market, we will all have to transmute from the old analog world to the digital one...😉 How? Let's continue this conversation soon. Yes, I'm teasing you. 😊 Stay tuned.


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