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Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise! 🌹

In my previous article I shared an analysis from Marketdata which I hope made people to feel at least curious about the speaking business

In case you have missed it, here it goes again: Marketdata analysts project that the value of the professional speaking industry will grow at a 4.1% average annual pace, reaching $2.30 billion by 2025!!!

It is a BIG WOW, isn’t it? 

However, if you are someone who are really committed to create an impact in people’s lives, despite the fact that we need to put a number in our services and products, that is not what motivates us to do what we do, do you relate to that?

Let’s continue the conversation about the speaking business.

In an article from Meeting Professionals International (MPI) entitled "Where are all female speakers?" (you can read it here), Johnalee Johnston states, "… Nearly 70 percent of event speakers worldwide are men… These stats are based on a mega study by event software company Bizzabo of more than 60,000 speakers in 23 countries…" and she continues, "… The prevalence of all-male panels and male speakers overall—outnumbering females 3 to 1—is not only a disservice to the education and thought leadership they are meant to provide, but simply cannot be justified…"

Since this lockdown started in March, many of us rapidly moved our businesses to the online world. However, MANY are still waiting… (for what? 🤔 ) and THAT is dangerous!

The ones who know me, and are part of my community, know that I immediately started talking about the importance of creating a solid and sustainable online presence, and I gave a specific training on the topic to help the participants to lay the foundation to create their own (you can check it out here).

So, let’s go back to the bookers I mentioned in the previous article.

One of the "revelations" to me in their conversation was, Karin Burger the booker from Germany, said something very interesting which I paraphrase here, "…this moment we are living right now is a GREAT opportunity to speakers who haven’t established themselves in the market yet!

(Why?) Because, the ones who master how to present effectively in front of a screen and learn how to create dynamic, engaging and inclusive virtual meetings and presentations, have the opportunity to establish themselves as experts and authorities locally and globally, even if they didn’t have an online presence before…

(Why?) …consider that several experienced star speakers are great on stage but not that great in front of a camera…"

And she concluded with, "…women should take it seriously and start mastering those techniques and technology asap!"


I am clapping here for what Karin said and also because I want to wake you up!

This is not only for the women, it is for everyone who aspire to use the stage (right now, virtual stage) to impact people’s lives and leave a legacy.

It is YOUR time. Speak Up!

Every obstacle (challenge) brings an opportunity. I invite you to take the leap of faith towards becoming a voice in your field. And the time is NOW!

Are you IN or OUT? If you are in, let's talk.  🌹


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