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Leading with Purpose in Life and in Business

In his book, The Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, besides sharing his horrifying experiences in Nazi concentration camps, he shares how "finding a meaning in his life" was crucial for his survival.

Everything we do, for us to value it, we need to attach a “meaning" to it, we need to give it a purpose.

The companies, brands, people, who capture their essential meaning, their purpose, and are able to reflect that into what they do, are the winners.

Leading with purpose goes beyond traditional leadership approaches by emphasising the alignment of values and vision with sustainable business growth.

I want to discuss here with you how you can develop a purpose-driven leadership style (if you are not there yet 😉 ) and provide you practical insights for aligning your values and vision to drive long-term success while making a positive impact on society.

It all starts by adopting a conscious communication style.

Here are some suggestions you can start implementing straight away, and see immediate results:

Define and Communicate a Clear Purpose

As a leader everything you say will impact your audience. The higher your position, the higher the impact you will create.

When communicating, first you have to have a clear purpose, for yourself, and then, craft a message that is clear to your audience, and which is aligned with your purpose.

Purpose-driven leaders understand the importance of defining and communicating a clear purpose that goes beyond profit.

By articulating a compelling purpose that resonates with stakeholders, as a leader you will be able to inspire and engage your teams, fostering a sense of meaning and fulfilment in their work.

The purpose becomes the guiding force that shapes decisions and actions, creating a shared sense of direction and unity amongst your teams, peers, coworkers, managers, clients, stakeholders, and so on.

Create a Values-Driven Culture:

Having a values-driven culture is essential for purpose-driven leadership.

As a leader you must identify and articulate core values that reflect your organisation's or businesses' principles, ethics, and desired impact.

It is important that you actively cultivate these values throughout your organisation or business, aligning policies, practices, and behaviours with the stated values.

This will help you to build a strong and cohesive organisational and business culture that will attract like-minded individuals and will support sustainable growth.

Develop a Vision for Sustainable Business Growth:

As a purpose-driven leader you will need to integrate a long-term vision for sustainable business growth with your organisation's or business' purpose and values. Setting ambitious yet realistic goals that consider environmental, social, and economic impacts.

By aligning your vision with the needs of society and the planet, you will be able to create a roadmap for growth that embraces innovation, responsibility, and positive change.

Empower and Inspire Teams:

Purpose-driven leaders understand the importance of empowering and inspiring their teams. They create an environment that encourages autonomy, fosters personal growth, and supports innovation.

By nurturing a sense of purpose and ownership among team members, you as a leader will unlock their full potential, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to the organisation's or your business' purpose.

Measure and Report Impact:

To reinforce the alignment of values, vision, and sustainable growth, purpose-driven leaders measure and report their organisation's impact.

For that, you will need to establish relevant metrics and indicators that go beyond financial performance, encompassing environmental and social aspects.

By transparently sharing this information, you will demonstrate accountability, inspire trust, and create a positive reputation that attracts like-minded partners, customers, and investors.

In conclusion, leading with purpose is a transformative approach that drives sustainable business growth while making a positive impact on society.

By defining and communicating a clear purpose, creating a values-driven culture, developing a vision for sustainable growth, empowering teams, and measuring impact, purpose-driven leaders like you will inspire your organisations to reach new heights while aligning with your values and making a difference in the world.

But here is the catch… 😳

We are, each of us, individuals who see the world differently from each other, and have different values and purposes….

So, how can you express your purpose in a way that will attract the right clients, will engage your teams and will bring more business to your business?

Let's continue this conversation next week, when I'll share with you the different Archetypes, and how each of us are influenced by one or more of them and how that affects and reflects in our behaviours, decision-making process, and how that can shape our lives, business and relationship.

See you next week. 🌹



I hope you enjoyed the reading.

I'm Tulia Lopes, Communication Architect. And I help professionals to get their message across, amplify their impact and feel confident every time they speak.

If you are a leader who wants to break the barriers that are obstructing your communication with your teams, co-workers and managers to flow and build bridges instead, get in touch at

Good day to you 🌹

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