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Equity is more in need than equality

"We keep investing in our communication skills, but, when you have a manager who is on his 50s and has always been on the male dominating side, it is quite tough…"🙄

This was what two senior leaders in a global organisation confessed to me during one of our training sessions a few months ago.

Despite all efforts to bring more equality and equity to organisations, unfortunately stories like this are still more common than we all would like them to be.

Here is what I know.

Women at that level, in a senior leading position, are well equipped. They are where they are because they have understood the dynamics of their organisation and have been able to break glass ceilings and glass walls throughout their ascension ladder. 💯

More often than they want to… they get exhausted having to use psychology, and patience (a lot) to work around their male colleagues' egos to get the job done, and to establish their position.

These two particular women I'm talking about, were selected as "top talent" within a global organisation with hundreds of thousands (you read it correctly) of employees, and still, they need to prove themselves constantly.

This is exhausting! I hear them, I feel them, and I stand by their side.

"What can we do then?", they asked me.

My answer: "Continue investing and working on your own self-development at all levels, especially in your #communication skills. Not because you lack, but because that will give you more resources and expand your possibility to turn things around."

Communication is the foundation for every relationship. As a #leader, communication is the Rosetta Stone. There is no #leadership without effective communication.

The more you master your communication skills, the more confident you become. The satisfaction of getting your message across, and having the intended impact, is a #confidence booster.

I'm not fond of women emulating a "male leadership style". First and foremost, I believe each of us have our own leadership style, the one which is genuine and authentically aligned with who we are. And THAT is what we have to strive for, to thrive.

However, I do understand that sometimes (only sometimes) to achieve that, women have to "adapt their leadership style" in order to be seen, heard and understood.

And to do it safely and effectively, you first have to have strong self-leadership skills. That will enable you to adapt without losing yourself in a leadership style that is not aligned with yours.

This should always be a "temporary and strategic approach". Bear in mind that, "sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow".

Now, if your organisation does not provide you the space to lead in a way that you feel is aligned with who you are, that your voice is never heard, that you have to constantly fight to be seen, then, you might have to reconsider your position.

Because, let's be honest, some organisations, some departments within some organisations, (still) are a lost battle for women leaders.



Does it resonate with you?

If so, contact me, I will be happy to support you. 🌹

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