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From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge


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I'm Tulia Lopes, Communication Architect & Leader in High Heels and I'm excited to guide you through this 7-Day Challenge. 

I suggest you take each lesson on a daily basis and answer the questions in the worksheet. It won't take too much of your time, and the results are priceless.


My promise to you is that after you go through this challenge you will be capable of moving your speaking skills a level up.

And, if you want to become a PRO and use your speaking and presentation skills to bring more business to your business, and propel your career, let's talk.

For now, go ahead and get started.

See you inside.

Start the Challenge

Day 1: 

Build a Foundation

Bring more clarity to your life and business.


Even if you have done it before, revisiting your values, mission and vision will help you to reassess if your life, your career, your business are on track as you expect.


I honestly recommend everyone to revisit theirs every 6 months. 

Day 2: 


Become aware of how you come across, and how to make it more effective so you can exude authority and credibility.


Here are some questions you should ask often to yourself:


* Am I coming across the way I want?

* Do I create an impact that is aligned with my intention?

* Am I good at building rapport and engaging my audience, or my team?

Day 3: 

Presentation Planning

Learn the seven steps on how to outline a concise structure for an effective presentation, so your audience will be willing to learn more from you. In other words, bring more business to your business.


No more death by powerpoint!

Day 4: 

Speech Craft

Discover the key elements to craft a compelling presentation. 

  • What makes a presentation or talk compelling and unforgettable?

  • What are the key elements of a great story?

  • Why should we all learn how to tell stories?

Day 5: 

Intention vs. Impact

The way you express your ideas, thoughts, the words you use, and when, will define how you are perceived as an influencer and as a leader. 

True leadership is mastered by example. The core of effective leadership is effective communication. 

Align your intentions with your impact to you can walk your talk. 

Day 6: 

Stage Mapping

Understand the mechanics of how to own the stage so you can present with confidence and authenticity.

From the room's set up to how you position yourself in front of your audience, every detail is relevant for the success of your presentation or talk.

Day 7: 

Going PRO

Learn the fundamentals of the speaking business so you can start planning to bring your message to the world. 

Stage time is ideal to bring visibility to your business, to yourself as an expert, and to build your credibility and authority.

Becoming a professional speaker needs planning and strategic steps.


The speaking business IS a business!


If you want to embrace this path, I'll show you how.


You did it!

But hey, this is just the beginning...

If you want to use speaking to bring business to your business, also to propel your career, let's talk!

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