Are you at times...

Scared of standing in front of an audience because of fear to be judged?


Not clear on how to express your ideas? 

Too nervous when you need to speak up?


Afraid of blanking out during a presentation?

Not sure how to exude confidence, authority, and credibility? 


What about if I tell you that...

1. You are not alone. Many people experience exactly the same.

2. It is not the end of the world.  You can overcome all of that and,

at the top of it, become an outstanding leader, presenter, speaker.

Trust me on this 

I have over a decade of experience helping professional women to

find, own and unleash their authentic voices. 

I help them to increase their confidence to share their gift with grace and grit.

Let's Talk!



Whether one-on-one or in groups my hands-on and systematic approach will take you from your seat to speak.


Become an effective communicator, outstanding presenter, and influential speaker. 



Tailor-made programs to meet your company culture and employees' needs. 

After my trainings your employees will: 

  • develop a clear and engaging communication style 

  • build a confident presence

  • learn how to craft effective presentations

  • run productive meetings

  • become more effective leaders



Whether to entertain, inspire, or move your audience into action, I can support you to the success of your event as a speaker, panel moderator, or MC. 

As a speaker, I cover topics under leadership, behavior, intercultural and inter-gender communication. 


"I'm a creator, if I don't find a door, I build one!"

As a Communication Architect, I help professionals (like you) to build a solid communication foundation for their presentations and an authentic style aligned to who they are. Helping them to exude more confidence, authority, credibility and positioning themselves as experts in their fields. 

In a world where the attention span is constantly reducing, being able to grab the audience's attention became a serious challenge and can not be taken for granted.

I will help you to:

  • Communicate with clarity and authenticity, whether in front of your team, your client, your supervisor, and any audience

  • Craft effective presentations that will ignite action

  • Prepare and conduct result-driven meetings

  • Accelerate your career or business by becoming a sought-after speaker

I'll be running this brand-new FREE Workshop on Thursday, November 12th at 7pm CET

Join me to discover how to speak and present with confidence so you can get your message across, position yourself as an expert and start impacting the lives of many. 

My system

A practical and hands-on approach backed up by a decade of research, practice and proven results.

You will become aware of your unique communication style and from there will build on your strengths to exude a confident presence and achieve the results you have always looked for.


Packed with practical exercises, role-playing, and stage presence.

With my own international events (Barcelona, Munich, Porto, Zurich) I give my clients the opportunity to practice in real-time their learnings and share their messages with international audiences

My promise to you

After working with me will:

  • Become more confident, more focused, more motivated, and more engaged

  • Make decisions faster in a more creative and innovative manner

  • Increase your performance as a team player and leader

  • Establish your authority and credibility through effective communication

  • Improve your negotiation skills and increase your profitability

  • Become more promotable


I run several events throughout the year.

My objective is to give stage opportunities to my clients, students and other experts who have a story to tell.

And, by "showing how" motivate the audience to take the necessary steps towards developing an outstanding stage presence.

If you are an experienced speaker get in touch, and we can discuss whether my stages can be a good fit for you.

If you are not that experienced, join us in one of our events to learn how you too can become an outstanding speaker.

By the way, the Stand Up & Speak Up Challenge has taken Munich and Zurich by storm.

Check it out!

Tulia Lopes is a sought-after professional speaker, MC (master of ceremony) and panel moderator for corporate and private events internationally.

She speaks on the topics of 

  • intercultural, interpersonal and intergender communication

  • diversity and inclusion

  • change and behavior

Tulia is the founder of Speak Up & Lead Academy, the Stand Up & Speak Up Challenge, and the Speak Up Network.  She is a sought-after speaker in Europe and also organizes events to give speaking opportunities to other experts.

BOOK TULIA for your next training or as a speaker for your event.

In order to give you quality time and full attention, please send an email with your inquiry and a dedicated time and date will be set exclusively for you for a proper call.

Looking forward to it.



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